Jolida JD100...giant killer or all hype?

Ok guys, I am going to make an hour drive friday night to pick up one of these at my local dealer. Having read all the feedback here and at AA, it sounds as though this is THE cdp to own under 2K. Seeing as how vinyl is my primary software of choice, I am not looking for the digital holy grail. Just something that will better my soon to be gone Theta Data Basic II/Audionote DAC 1.1 combo. Any thoughts?

Ozzy try the Tsunami pc, I heard the JD100 with it,
the soundstage is use, very musical combination.
Sorry I accidentally, push the submit,What I am trying to say is huge soundstage.Thanks
After a week of 24/7 burn in the Jolida is sounding very nice indeed. I listened exclusively to seedees yesterday for several hours. That is no small feat for me. It's usually an appetizer of a disc or two before moving on to vinyl. For digital, the JD 100 sounds pretty darn good.

Ozzy62, I am interested in purchasing one of these. Where did you purchase it? Price? Is it a stock or modded version? Thanks.
I purchased mine from Larry Gibson at Down to Earth Audio in Salem, Va. He is a great guy to deal with. I won't say what I paid, but it is a good deal. I had to pay sales tax, but you would probably avoid that, making it an even better deal.

Mine is stock. I replaced the tubes with some RCAs, but I have a pair of the Electro Harmonix 12AX7s on the way. I am using a Sonoran PC too.