Jolida JD100S

Can't find much info on this unit other than it uses four tubes instead of the two used in the JD100. Just curious if it would be worthwhile to replace my JD100 with this "S" model.


@slovell -If you like the JD100 sound, yes. I still have mine (purchased in 2003), and periodically listen to it in a mid-fi system (Onkyo integrated and Audio Physic Yara speakers).

BUT-for similar price you can get a better CD player, or DAC and use the JoLida (as I have) as a terrific transport.

What's the rest of your system?


I bought mine in 2005 if memory serves. I really enjoy the sound from the JD100 which is why the JD100S piqued my interest. The JD100S uses a pair of 12AX7 and another pair of 12AU7 tubes. I think it was distributed by the Jolida Chinese Shenda factory and not by Jolida Maryland.
My system is a Jolida JD9 phono pre and a Jolida Fusion preamp both being heavily modded. The JD100 is stock except for some internal dampening and nos tubes. Klipsch modded KLF-20 speakers, Fosgate Signature headphone amp, Denen AH-D9200 headphones. VPI turntable.
I considered going with a new/newish transport and DAC but there are so many DACs out there I don’t know where to start. I haven’t really kept up with all the new tech for the last several years.

If I did not buy the Raysonic tube cdp , I will buy the Jolida JD100S. I’ve heard the JD100 it’s superb.Its available at Saturday audio Exchange here in Chicago.

I bought a used BAT VK-D5SE at a very decent price. It's been well taken care of and came with a spare new Philips cd drive. Seller gave me a deal I couldn't pass up. If I don't like it I can always resell it.
The JD100S at Saturday Audio Exchange has no remote and remotes for the JD100 series are unobtanium. I made a fair offer for it but they wouldn't budge. I'm not paying their price for that unit with no remote.