Jolida JD9: I think I over-bought. Alternatives?

In my infinite quest of attaining gear that punches above it's weight class.... I landed a used JD9 to try it out and I'm frustrated. The AT120ET cart is too high of output to use the high outputs (even with 12au7 tubes). I ended up using the low outputs. While it still sounds good, I can't help but think that I'm not getting as much out of it with the cart i'm using. ...and I don't want to upgrade my cart.

I think I might go back to the Cambridge 651p or Musical Fidelity V90-LPS. Both sounded pretty good. I post here, so you guys can talk me out of it ... or suggest an alternative. On the plus side, I did score some 12ax7 mullards, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

I have a stock technics 1200 Mk2 that I'm quite happy with. Just need a preamp that matches nicely with the cart. I think there might be something in-between the $200 - $600 that might be a good match.

Conversely both the Cambridge and MF are pretty good. I'm not looking for a critical preamp. Thoughts?
have you tried different gain settings on the dip switches? I find a lot of flexibility in the JD9, which is what I like about it. In addition to hi vs lo outputs, you can use diff gain settings, or tubes.
Yah, tried all of that. I was really angling to use the high outputs, but even with them all off, the signal is too hot. 12au7's didn't help either.

Using the low outputs is the only thing I can do with it.
Try a Jasmine LP2.0 SE. In fact there is one here on Audiogon for only $350. I have used mine with a variety of LOMCs, moving iron. I upgraded the output caps to Janzten Superior Z caps.

I am very pleased with its performance and have no desire to upgrade. I use a Lenco with Mirko's platter and bearing and VPI JMW 12.5.
Heed Quasar may be a nice option. It has a warmer, relaxed sound to my ears.