Joseph Audio: Perspectives and Pearls

There have been several recent threads that have included both of these speaker. However, much of the discussion has focused on the Perspectives, with a number of positive reviews. I am quite interested in hearing them, but am also seriously considering the far more expensive Pearls as well. 


I am wondering if anyone has done a direct comparison or has upgraded from the Perspectives to the Pearls?  I am specifically interested if the Pearls might overwhelm my room (13 X 18 with 9 foot ceilings) which is not a space dedicated to my system (it's my living room.)

Thanks in advance for your experiences with these two speakers. 


Good to hear arafiq.

I'm actually borrowing a friend's Bryston 4B3 again to swap from my CJ Premier 12 tube monoblocks.  I'd tried it before with my tube pre-amp - liked some things but definitely preferred my Premier 12s.  However I'm curious to try all solid state, so this time I'll use my Benchmark LA4 pre-amp.

Aaron from Now Listen Here came by my house earlier this week and was a huge help with regard to placement and toe in.  It was a great visit and I am very appreciative.  He also brought a set of Transparent Ultra speaker cables. They definitely were a step up from my Silversmith Fidelium.  So, on the one hand, my system sounds better than it ever has due to Aaron’s good ears and help.  And, on the other hand, I’m left with a still very clear aural memory of the better sound I can have if I pony up the $$$.  Never ending. 

To the OP.....if you have a particular finish option you are looking for picture wise, let me know.  I try to keep pics of all finishes on hand and would be happy to forward them to you if I have them (I'm a Joseph dealer as an FYI).

In regards to cabling, Jeff internal wires with Cardas.  So he's a big Cardas fan, and they do tend to work quite well with the Pulsar/Perspective/Pearls.  I typically run my demo units with Kimber and Tellurium Q and those are good matches.  I don't personally find the Josephs to be to fussy in regards to cable matching.


I was at my dealer yesterday picking up my upgraded Perspectives (breaking in now).

They were setting up the Pearls.  OMG are those gorgeous looking speakers! The construction and finish are just impeccable and luxurious.  And they are such a modest size for a flag-ship speaker.

I didn't stick around to hear them: the last thing I'd want to do is hear the Pearls after having spent a bunch of money upgrading my Perspectives. :-)




Lol prof.  Don’t blame you.   How exciting though.  Looking forward to hearing your listening impressions!