Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene Placement & Break-In?


I'm hoping to connect with anyone (who like myself), may have owned a pair of the original Joseph Audio Pulsars and who now owns a pair of the JA Pulsar 2 Graphenes. 

I have a small listening room that currently allows for the Pulsar 2s to be 2 feet from the back wall. This worked great with the originals, however, the Graphenes bass response is noticeably more present and now with about 25 hours of playing time in, I'm beginning to feel like the Graphenes need a bit more breathing room. While they sound great where they are with most material, they're sounding a little "boomy" on some of the more bass heavy recordings.

Unfortunately, my room doesn't allow for easy placement experimentation without moving a particularly large piece of furniture. Would appreciate hearing from Pulsar owners on what their placement experience has taught them also, can I expect the bass response to become even more prevalent as they continue to break in? 

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High passed with built in xover in my Bel Canto E1X integrated amp. Low passed with the SVS. I Currently have the Pulsar2’s and doing the same as noted.








Oh man, that worries me to hear.

I'd worried a bit from the Pulsar Graphene issues reported in this thread that maybe this would happen between the Original Perspectives to the graphene version as well.  Other Perspective Graphene owners have been very happy with the bass performance and yours if the first report I've seen of unwieldy bass with the Perspective graphenes.

I have the original Perspectives and have wanted to upgrade to the graphene version. I have a 15’ x 13’ room with a very wide room opening, which seems to allow larger speakers to "breath" pretty well. I am also able to pull them well out from the wall behind them, about 4 feet or so to the back of the speaker. The bass of the Perspectives is generally well controlled. Though it just occasionally on some content borders on too much. I’ve read that the graphene version has "tighter bass" but also "more bass" so it’s hard to know which directly that would take in my room.

Can you explain in a bit more detail why rear ported speakers have issues in your room? Is it a small room? Or are you unable to pull the speakers well out from the wall or something?


It’s not unique to the Perspective2’s. It’s my room which has a pretty prominent bass node issue. Also, I can’t pull them out more than a couple of feet which is limiting. I would not judge the speaker by how they did in my room. The guy I sold them to thought the bass was too light, so it is all about room and system synergy. I have been able to solve my problem using the high and low pass scenario I described along with a pair of sealed subs. I don’t think bass issues are a unique problem. There are a lot of integrated amps with DSP now or DIRAC or something similar designed specifically to address the problem. The Bel Canto E1X has its own bass EQ DSP which I have just started to experiment with. It can’t fix a strong room bass node but it can effectively address boomy bass which is very helpful.


Thanks for the response vdotman!  That's helpful info.

Couple of things:  Aside from the bass issues, what did you like about the Perspectives?

Any reason why you didn't just use the sub with the Perspectives?  What did you move on to?