Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene Placement & Break-In?


I'm hoping to connect with anyone (who like myself), may have owned a pair of the original Joseph Audio Pulsars and who now owns a pair of the JA Pulsar 2 Graphenes. 

I have a small listening room that currently allows for the Pulsar 2s to be 2 feet from the back wall. This worked great with the originals, however, the Graphenes bass response is noticeably more present and now with about 25 hours of playing time in, I'm beginning to feel like the Graphenes need a bit more breathing room. While they sound great where they are with most material, they're sounding a little "boomy" on some of the more bass heavy recordings.

Unfortunately, my room doesn't allow for easy placement experimentation without moving a particularly large piece of furniture. Would appreciate hearing from Pulsar owners on what their placement experience has taught them also, can I expect the bass response to become even more prevalent as they continue to break in? 

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Thanks for the details vdotman!

Wow back to the Pulsars.  Very nice.  What a deal.

I'm also jealous of your time with the Graham Audio speakers.   I'm a fan of the classic Brit speakers - I own Spendor S3/5s and have owned Harbeth SuperHL5plus.   The Grahams have really intrigued me.  (Nowhere to demo them, though).



Gene Rubin is a Graham dealer on the west coast. I got turned onto them by a guy I know in NC who had a pair of LS6’s and had very positive things to say about them. I subsequently bought a pair on USAM. Did the same with the LS5/9’s which were posted for over a month before I pulled the trigger. I have been a fan of British speakers all along owning numerous Spendors, many being Terry Miles designs, but when I found out Derek Huges was doing the design work at Graham, my attention turned to his work. The LS5/9’s may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when set up right and when correctly paired with a subwoofer covering the lowest bass, they are truly special. I use a Bel Canto E1X to drive my speakers and tune my system’s low end. As the Brit’s like to say, simply brilliant!

I have Pulsar 2 Graphene's in a medium sized room.  I have them positioned about 5 feet from the front wall.  They do not have too much bass in my installation.  I would say they sound like they measure in the Stereophile review: very even response with roll off beginning in the mid 40's hz range.  In my room, By 32 hz they are about 10 db down from flat.

AS usual, the room is critical.

Overall, very happy with them.