Joseph Audio Pulsar?

I'm in the market for the best possible reproduction (within the budget, obviously) from 70 Hz and up. Budget is as much as $6000, although $5K would be more comfortable. I recently heard a pair of the Pulsars and was thoroughly impressed. Retail price is out of range and used pairs don't seem to come up for sale. So, I would welcome any and all opinions from those who 1) auditioned the Pulsars, AND 2) have a slightly less expensive alternative. The only caveat is that I must be able to listen before buying (say, within 200 miles of the audio wasteland known as Houston), or alternatively, have an offer of in home trial. The speakers will be driven by my tube amp (VAC Phi Beta 110i). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
I am in no way saying this because this monitor was just reviewed in Absolute Sound and Stereophile, but...........My friend has the Audience ClairAudient 2+2 and they are wonderful! Soundstaging, imaging, and a "naturalness" that many speakers I've heard don't match. Check em out.
Just heard them a few weeks ago. Unimpressed would be a nice way to react. I was frankly shocked at how weak they were. I have liked some of the Joseph speakers in the past but I think this company has lost their way as the Pulsar sounded constricted, compressed, and veiled. It also broke up heavily on source material with any low bass.

The Dynaudio or Salks are much, much better speakers.
This is a truly interesting set of reactions. I've had the Pulsars in for trial now for several days and am thoroughly impressed. They are certainly not constricted, compressed, or veiled, as Grege describes.

Yesterday, an audio buddy brought over the Magico Minis that he has in for audition. This is the first time I had heard them, and they are excellent. However, the Pulsars more than held their own, with the most noticeable difference in the highs. The tweeter that the Pulsar uses is extraordinary. It sounds light, airy, and extremely extended, with absolutely no sense of harshness as the SPLs rise. The only area that I could point to in which the Magicos seemed to have the edge was in soundstage depth. Both reproduce the human voice exceedingly well. The two speakers sound more alike than dissimilar, which, given the cost differential, is pretty remarkable.

I should note that both speakers were auditioned both with and without my two Genesis/Underwood subs and a Lyngdorf RP-1. When the RP-1 was in, RoomPerfect was not engaged i.e. I was using it strictly for crossover. The final system will have both subs, crossover point yet to be determined but probably 60 to 70 Hz, and RoomPerfect engaged. Oh, and before crying foul, please do remember that I very specifically asked originally for "the best possible reproduction (within the budget, obviously) from 70 Hz and up." Could I live with the Pulsars on their own? Probably, but it's clear that dynamic range and (obviously) bass extension are far better with the subs in. I was actually VERY pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly the subs and the Pulsars matched up.

I commented to the dealer allowing me the trial that the Pulsars engaged me more than any speaker I've owned or auditioned since the Quad ESL-63 (wonderful speaker, but could never live with its limitations). I'll be keeping them.

For those who really did not like them on first listening, I suggest that you give them another try if the occasion arises. If they still don't do it for you, well, to each his own. Good listening to everyone and thanks for the replies!