Joseph Audio Pulsar?

I'm in the market for the best possible reproduction (within the budget, obviously) from 70 Hz and up. Budget is as much as $6000, although $5K would be more comfortable. I recently heard a pair of the Pulsars and was thoroughly impressed. Retail price is out of range and used pairs don't seem to come up for sale. So, I would welcome any and all opinions from those who 1) auditioned the Pulsars, AND 2) have a slightly less expensive alternative. The only caveat is that I must be able to listen before buying (say, within 200 miles of the audio wasteland known as Houston), or alternatively, have an offer of in home trial. The speakers will be driven by my tube amp (VAC Phi Beta 110i). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
For what it's worth, I just came back from Axpona NYC show and heard the pulsars twice. They are fantastic spkrs for their size/price. The highs and mids are beautiful, and the bass extension and weight are remarkable for their size (especially the smallish mid bass driver). And, like most very good monitors, they image like heck and disappear. Frankly, although everyone hears differently, I can't see how anyone could hear these properly set up and not think they were at least very good, if not their particular cup of tea. Had me thinking strongly of dropping my floor standing mains and coupling the pulsars with the new JL F112 sub I just bought for HT system. JMHO