Joseph Audio Pulsar?

I'm in the market for the best possible reproduction (within the budget, obviously) from 70 Hz and up. Budget is as much as $6000, although $5K would be more comfortable. I recently heard a pair of the Pulsars and was thoroughly impressed. Retail price is out of range and used pairs don't seem to come up for sale. So, I would welcome any and all opinions from those who 1) auditioned the Pulsars, AND 2) have a slightly less expensive alternative. The only caveat is that I must be able to listen before buying (say, within 200 miles of the audio wasteland known as Houston), or alternatively, have an offer of in home trial. The speakers will be driven by my tube amp (VAC Phi Beta 110i). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

The Pulsars and the pearls are so similar over the vast majority of the sonic range that I have to believe that something else was at play here.

By the way, and I admit that this is a real pet peeve...why do you insist on putting all those apostrophes in your writing (i.e. making it the possessive case when you actually want the plural form)? You used the damned things six times and got it correct twice ("the Pulsar's carried the Pearl's sonic signature"). I swear, the English language, or rather the use thereof, is going to hell.

I sincerely apologize for two things that I did in error.

First, I apologize to you for incorrectly using the apostrophes.

Second, I apologize to your $22,000.00 integrated amp, $16,060.00 turntable, $9500.00 digital setup and at least $7,000.00 in cabling for trying to help do them such an injustice as finding a $5,000.00 pair of speakers to mate with.

Almost $55,000.00 in two sources, one amp and cabling, and hoping that a $5,000.00 pair of speakers will give you all of the music coming down those speaker cables. That senario seems like a train running wide open into a tunnel with an opening of only five feet at the other end. Now, I swear, the heavenly audio signal is going to hell.

And well you should apologize. I'll accept it in the spirit in which it was given.

By the way, you need to work on your math skills (the cabling), and I most certainly did not pay retail prices for any of that. You really should check your facts before posting (the Pulsar price).

The fact that I pair the Pulsars with this gear simply demonstrates how good I think the Pulsars really are. You forgot the subs, by the way.

I'll refrain from posting my opinion on your system. Each to his own, I say. To paraphrase the great John Houseman, "I'll refrain from ringing you any further, Mr. Krell_man".


P.S. If you are truly repentant about the apostrophes, go change them in your system descriptions immediately.
So Curriemt11, since you asked for alternatives, have you tried the B&W 805Di? They should be fairly easy to find/hear. I've read in a few forums that many believe they are fantastic and the star of the new Diamond lineup.