Joseph Audio Pulsar2 vs dynaudio confidence 20 vs tad-me1

Which one would you choose and why? 

Interesting analysis, thanks.
Fascinating that you reference greater directionality in the upper frequencies of the tweeter used in the Joseph speakers.  They have a wide reputation for a wide sweet spot and consistent sound off axis.

It’s all relative aint it? The performance of the driver isn’t unknown, the measurements are publicly posted by the manufacturer. It’s up to end user it determine if that's what they are looking for.
Thank you gyoungblood. Your experience is helpful to know. I heard the pulsars, although they sounded good, but didn't wow me enough to open my wallet. I don't have dealers near by where i can audition the TADs, it looks like most everyone who heard it like them a lot. I am going to try Confidence 20s soon. Love the new look and the bottom port is interesting design. 

You can also consider the KEF Reference 1. When I demoed the TAD ME-1 at a dealer they also had the Reference 1 which we put them head to head in a 2 hour or so demo, I went there with 2 other friends. We all agreed the TAD was a little more detailed but somewhat more fatiguing too, possibly due to the slight wiggle/rise at 1K, but the Reference 1 was a lot more tonally pleasing with the much deeper bass extension, and also it’s slightly rolled off treble extension was more conducive to long listening sessions. We all ended up preferring the KEF Reference 1 by a small margin. Maybe if the TAD had a sub it would've done a little better, but for pure 2-channel I think the Ref 1 has it by a hair.

I own the Kef reference 1 and a pair of JL Audio subs. Hard to beat this combo, but I’m still looking.