Joseph Audio RM33si & others in the $8,000 range

I keep seeing the Jospeh Audio ads "Best Sound at Show" with the RM33si speakers but I do not know anyone who owns any JA speakers. Why? Does any Agon member have them? What do they sound like and what have you compared them to? I am looking in the $8000 price range and have seen the Piega P-10s going for $5000. A bargin? What do you recommend with my system, Pass Labs X-250, X-1 preamp, Sony SCD-777ES (soon to be modified by Kern).

Comments and advice are appreciated.

Happy Listening.
Mr. Joseph-I will speak for myself here. I can't remember when or if a manufacturer has ever entered into the lion's den here on AudioGon....but I find it refreshing and I would like to say thank you for doing so. Your explaination to the events discussed above are appreciated. To me, it shows your proactive response to certain situations whether it be making sure people have ballots and pencils or designing great sounding speakers. I can only speculate that the Audiophile community has been hit with so much BS from manufacturers and dealers that we are somewhat hard to convince. I have heard your speakers at two shows and I was impressed. You have my vote.
Joseph Audio speakers have consistently impressed me. I think their steep-slope crossover is a very elegant approach, and they are very nicely voiced. And as we have seen here (and numerous times over at the Asylum), Jeff Joseph himself is quite a gentleman.

After auditioning his speakers at CES for the first time a couple of years ago, I spoke with Jeff about the possibility of becoming a dealer. Jeff explained to me that he requires a retail storefront, and of course I respect that decision. But if I had a storefront, Joseph Audio would easily be among the front-runners in a more or less conventional-looking speaker.
One of my best friends owns the Joseph RM33si. He also uses SS amps and preamp. He has them in a room with some problems. He has them very close to the back wall. I have never been impressed with any of his systems.

I am now wanting to spend as much time as possible listening to his incredible music making machine. He will soon have his Spectral 360 monos, Mit Oracle IC and speaker cable, and will soon add dedicated lines. I can't wait to hear what will be an obvious improvement over his already excellent music making setup.

I hope his new beautiful, classy, knockout bride can tolerate my many visits to come. i just won't let her get to know me too good. I have a new system to listen to and i didn't pay a penny. The RM33si is one of a few great speakers. You may never know it listening to it in a dealers showroom. I am not a Jeff Joseph fan. I don't even like him for reasons that has nothing to do with his integrity, service, or any reasons that should cause concern buying his products. But i am sold on the RM33si.
I like the RM33sis, but they just didnt get my toe tapping enough in the audition. I also worry about the low impedance.

What did get me going are the new Avantgarde Solos---tremendous speaker at the same price, including built-in amps. Perhaps the best speaker I have heard under 13-14k.


the joseph audio speakers sounded great at ces, and no, they didn't ask me to vote for them. they were a bit too crisp/dry for longterm enjoyment, though.

i would have to steer you towards auditioning vandersteens. the 5's are particularly outstanding. yes, i know they cost a bit more, but watch for a used pair.