Joseph Audio RM7si or ProAc 1sc?

I'm considering an upgrade to the bedroom system. The main part of the room is 18x24x10 with a tray ceiling, and it is fairly dead due to carpet and furniture, but with some slap off the slanted parts of the ceiling. Power is a Linn LK140, Transparent speaker cables. Pre is a Linn Wakonda, and the source is a Proceed cdp. I listen to all kinds of music, especially on the multiroom system (of which this is a part). I've heard other models from both these companies (RM25 and Response 1.5 and 2.5), but I don't know these models. Any thoughts?
I auditioned both these speakers for my bedroom system. i eventually went with the ProAc. I found that the ProAc midrange with more transparent and lacked any boxiness. The ProAcs also bettered the JA in terms of soundstaging and imaging. In all I found the ProAc to be more musically engaging and more flexible in terms of amp mathing, though your linn would be fine for both.
Macatron's observations are right on the money, although
the amp flexibility I don't quite agree with.
BTW, I have owned multiple pairs of both. Go with the ProAc's.