Joule Electra Amp Repair

My Stargate amps need to be gone through. Anyone know a Joule repair person on the west coast? Trying to keep shipping costs down.
Try Signature Sound in Rochester. There is post saying they repaired a JE amp.
Sorry got my dealers mixed up. Rich is with Signature Sound. I am pretty sure he can help.
Unfortunately, Simon Thatcher, who was my personal friend as well, had passed away not long ago.
He was a forefront for Joule Electra for quite some time, with Judd Barber being in charge of the production side of things.
Hi Maril555,

Sorry to hear about Simon. We were communicating in Jan this year about upgrading my LA-300ME to Platinum edition and then all went quiet. Is Judd Barber still active?

Hi Atmaspehere,

Can you upgrade the LA-300ME to platinum edition?