Joule Electra LAP 150, Noisy?

I'm considering a LAP 150, My speakers are Lamhorn 1.8 with a AES 106 db driver and Yamamoto 06-3. Here in San Francisco there seems to be a great deal of RFI which is my main concern and tube rush.

I owned the Joule LA150 MKii and used it with a set of 107 DB efficient Avantgarde horns. It was very quiet and an excellent preamp. You can't go wrong with the Joule preamplifiers.
I own the LAP 150 Mk II and use it with Merlin VSM MX's. Very quiet, no noise, extremely musical. You can't go wrong with it IMHO.
I use a LAP-150 Mkll with Wilson Sophia"s and Basis 2500 TT/Vector I arm with no problems.