Joule Electra preamps and amps. What is your impression?

Never auditioned them. Thinking about replacing my SS integrated. Lamm, VAC etc. are out of reach.  Also, how would Joule preamp work with some SS amp, say, Rowland # 2 or older Pass or something like that ?
My Redgum integrated is very dynamic with excellent drive and bass so I won't sacrifice that even for a more natural and sophisticated.
If you have a question about a speaker, just let me know what it is and I can let you know. The requirements for our amplifiers are similar to the Joules.
 Thank you, Atmasphere. It is Michael Green Audio Revolution 80i free resonance speakers. 
You know, though it is difficult to assess while listening to youtube, that set-up - Classic Audio speakers, your amps, Purist Audio cables and some turntable sounded really good, I think. I would improve the source, though, but it's a guess. It's the video posted on Purist Audio website.

I have owned the Joule LAP 150 II, paired with VZN 100's, for 8 years. Speakers are Merlin VSM MMX. The sound is rich, warm, fast, detailed, immediate. Preamp, including phono stage, is very quiet. Amps have slight hum that is not noticeable as soon as music starts to play. Original output tubes. Replaced a couple of driver tubes. Cost of tubes is reasonable. The amps are very easy to bias. Heat from the amps is considerable - another A'Gon member commented once that the amps "could melt an igloo". Joule gear is special - the urge to upgrade melts away too! 

The Joule Electra like other preamplifiers uses the Russian Super tube. I was not a fan of this preamplifier. Thought it sounded small and not as transparent as I had hoped for. 

Check out the deHavilland Ultra Verve. Less money and sounds better. Uses a couple of 6sn7's. Big tubes big sound. I think it is true that larger tubes do have a bigger sound. 845's 300B's. Not a fan of the 6C33. 

Sounds real audio,
I realize that there’s more to an amp/preamp performance besides the type of tube it uses, however you raise an interesting point. Each tube has it's own sound character that can be affected by other aspects of the component (design,part quality, implementation etc).

I heard a 6c33 tubed amplifier  (Lamm push-pull) and I wasn't particularly impressed with its sound quality. Is it the tube or other factors? Would I prefer this same tube in Lamm's SET amplifier (great reputation) instead? It raises curiosity. In my system the 300b amplifier was clearly the better sounding in that  specific comparison. The preamp paired with these amplifiers uses 101D tubes which are DHT.
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