joy killing refridgerator

How many of you actually have to turn the friggen thing off.Just bought brand one new hoping it would be quieter....wrong.Oh well just curious what others experiences are.
Your fridge draws a lot of amps and adds noise to the house line which can be heard through your stereo system. Just another reason to get dedicated lines to your system.
Hah, what a coincidence. Was listening to Ella this morning and had enough, Grabbed the Sharpie, marked the breaker and off it went. Ahhh, Bliss!
I have a 72 avacado color refridge.[Almost NOS]Totally quiet and very cold.Never hear it 8 ft away from listening position,Don't hear it when in the Kitchen either.They just don't make'em like they used to.JD
Got so mad at mine I would unplug it.Drove me nuts!Not so nice when I forgot to plug it back in a few times.
So I bought the quietest one I could find an 'LG'.
Fours years old and still can't tell whether its on or off.
Silence is Bliss !
Still can't figure out how to quiet down the cats.
Uh,oh,I'll be sure to get some response about the cats.