JPS Labs Aluminata Power Cable On My Integreated Amp!!!

Just recently, I purchased a JPS Labs Aluminata PC specifically for my DAC.  However, after further evaluation, I decided to switch some cables around in my system and try it on my Hegel H590 integrated amp.  All I can say is...........WOOOOOW!!!  Pure magic. 


Congratulations. But then a power cord half the price of the component needs to sound pretty good. 


Ghdprentice - all good but your usual negative comments on power cords , interconnects as well as speaker cables is getting a little long in the tooth. Don’t knock ‘em’ until you have tried as well as own them in your own system.

Congratulations kennymacc on your purchase as I have listened to the JPSAluminata power cords and they are special. Joe is very good to work with. Enjoy the music …….

Their IC's are superb as well. An underappreciated cable, should be among the best. Neal