JSE Model 2 and Model 4 Woofers

Hello music lovers. Re-surrounding your old woofers is not recommended as new rubber surrounds will reduce efficiency and new foam surrounds will, again, deteriorate over time. Also poly cones "flex" and are not as rigid as the new paper/CF types.

With regard to your old 10" and 12" Inf. Slope woofers they should be replaced with new and NOT rebuilt. Yes, it's about $300 more to replace them, but the new replacements have larger voice coils/magnets, greater acceleration, higher Mms, stiffer cones and are a much better match for the Phase Shift Bass Loading mechanism. This more optimum Vas/QTS ratio will provide better - deeper and more dynamic bass

Hope this helps,
John J. Sollecito

Thanks for the update! I had a pair of your JSE 1.0's and 1.8's and my brother had the 2.0s!

Loved those speakers for so many years! the only thing I ever had to do to them was replace the receptacle for the binding posts as the plastic dried out and cracked! (well I had to recut the cabinets for the new updated Focal mids for my 1.0's when I blew them......)

Really nice to see you STILL out supporting these speakers!!!

Kind of a shame I have retired my 2.0s to a corner in the garage. Both woofers on each speaker have totally deteriorated and it desnt seem to be worth the money to replace 4 drivers :(