Juicy Music Preamps

Has anyone had experience with the Peach or the Blueberry?
Heard good things, but I'd like to know more.

here's a review of the blueberry.


Hey Hack....you may not think the name is serious enough, but as an owner of the BB Xtreme, I can tell you that the sound sure is! High-end performance at real world prices. Rather than re-type all my comments here, if you are interested you can see them on audiocircle.com. Just do a search on my handle "toobluvr". A search on "blueberry" "peach" or "juicymusic" will yield other comments.
One further note. To learn more about JuicyMusic products, and direct user experiences, hop on over to the Klipsch forum. There are tons of comments/reviews/opinions over there......almost all of them wildly enthusiastic.

For example:
search on "blueberry" returns 14 pages of posts
search on "peach" returns 16 pages
search on "juicymusic" returns 1 page
search on "juicy music" returns 5 pages
Having used a Blueberry since this past April I could not be happier.

At the time i was shopping for a Phono Pre and liked the sound of my Sota/Benz combo through the BB. For the price of a good Phono stage I got a nice preamp thrown in.

After a couple of months of use I sent mine back to Mark for the "extreme" upgrade. The only mod I have done since is add a couple of tube dampers.

Sure there are better preamps but be prepared to pay some serious money

Can those of you who have bought them new tell about the breakin process? How did they sound out of the box? How long did they take to break in? Thanks, Peter