Juicy Music Preamps

Has anyone had experience with the Peach or the Blueberry?
Heard good things, but I'd like to know more.

Can those of you who have bought them new tell about the breakin process? How did they sound out of the box? How long did they take to break in? Thanks, Peter
I am quite interested to hear some more comments as well - I personally like the "classic" style look of the Blueberry Extreme. Also, one 6moons reviewer put the Blueberry in his list of best components of 2005. The excellent phono stage would be a big plus as well :)
Peter: My experience w break-in.......
Right out of the box my BB Xtreme was excellent. You will get a good dose of its character and ultimate sound right from the outset. Certainly not unlistenable like some non-burned gear I've owned. It just gets better with use....mainly in the areas of control, coherency, focus, inner detail and dimensionality. Subtle...not night-and-day changes. Such that I am unable to pin a total number of burn-in hours on it.

Restock: as I've already mentioned, tons of comments and many enthusiastic JM owners on the Klipsch forum. Why not just wander over there for some opinions?
Peter, be on the lookout for a single Amperex 1950's d getter pinch waist USA for the first position in your amp. You be giving yourself the biggest upgrade IMHO you can do to the Pre-amp