Jumping into SE tube amps. Suggestions?

After having purchased a small integrated tube amp for my son, I find myself wishing to venture into the SE tube amp world. I own an SF Line 3 pre, but am for the most part a tube novice. The Cary SE amps interest me, the 300SE caught my eye, but I have "0" listening experience with any tube amps and don’t really wish to limit possibilities based on manufacturer or output tube type. My taste in music is very much varied. I don't wish to assemble this system based on a specific musical style, but if I were to pick a specific genre that I listen to the most, it would be the Blues, Jazz a close second. After reading many of the threads on tube amps, I realize that there may be trade-offs, and a little loss of bottom end could be tolerated, but I still like to hear the “Big Drum” move the room in the “Blue Man Group” CD. Don't know if this is going to be possible without a sub, but give it your best shot.

To make this an even more open ended proposition, I would most likely have to replace, or purchase a second pair of (hope "she" doesn't read this!) speakers, as the Aerial 10t's are not going to like a 5-15 watt tube amp. So, if you have suggestions as to high sensitivity, high impedance speakers that work well with a specific SE tube amp, I welcome those suggestions as well. Please, no horns need apply.

Total cost? Let’s try and keep it <3k (used) for amp(s), and if you wish to recommend a speaker, <3k (used) as well.

Bottleheads, let’s hear from you. Thanks all.
Coincident has a new UHS series of speakers that have been designed to work with SET.3 Models From 94dB to 97 dB.
The Decaware SE-84C is 499.00 and possibly one of the best low powered SET anywhere.Uses Svetlana EL 84 tubes.
Good luck.
Leafs, I never heard of Decware.com before. It is an extremely interesting site. Thanks for sharing!
Leafs where can I find out more about the new Coincident speakers, UHS series? The coincident site does not show anything. Sometimes the last place you find the news is in the manufacturers site.

I am also looking for Tube friendly speakers.
I have to second Leafs on Coincident. If you were to buy into the new UHS series, the Cary 2A3 would be a great match. Not the ultimate 2A3, but you get a lot back in terms of service, support, parts availability, upgradeability, trade-in value, and dealer network. Assuming you have the sensitivity to handle a 2A3, you may find as I have that it is superior to the 300B. Better bass, glorious you are there mids, and a clean treble. I would get the speakers first, and then move on the amp. That is the way to go with tubes/SET, in my experience. Your Arials are definitely not SET friendly, though they are way too great a speaker to give up on. You may want to keep this in mind; don't underestimate how much you will miss them when they are gone.
Anyone interested in the info.Email Israel at coincident he will forward you the attacment on the new speakers.
I am digging my new Ehodin 17's which would work.Nice bbokshelves listing for $2600 which I got used for under $1K.
Jaica beat me to the punch on finding information about he new Coincidents. Thanks again, Leafs.
Trelja, did you ever assemble your SET room? When I was searching yesterday, I came across a post where you talked about it.
I've just made the jump myself with the Decware SE-84C-S ($699). I found it works best without my preamp (I have a Wheatfield se HA-1 headphone/pre-amp). For acoustic music (classical guitar, cello, piano - my intended purpose for this system)it works very well. The bottom is not quite there on my Tannoy System 8 studio monitors (45 Hz rated with a sensitivity of 92dB) even on the S unit that is intended to have a better bottom end. I'm using a Janis W3 sub system (100 Hz xover with phase control). The imaging changes a bit but is very good (larger and a bit more forward). I use cut 11 of Albert Collins Deluxe Edition (20 bit rather than 16) for sub level and phase adjustment. [If you like the blues and don't have this CD I would highly recommend it.] It has an extended bass solo that locks in perfectly when you get the settings right. -- Using a speaker with a response lower than the Tannoy's may avoid the need for a sub.
You might look at Antique Sound Labs. Their MG15 DT-S is a single ended pentode, which puts out 15 wpc. By the way, technically it is an integrated, and has received rave reviews. My brother bought a demo for US$550, and since using it hasn't bothered to reconnect his US$2,700 solid state 250 wpc unit. Another suggestion, the new Cary ___ V12(it has a longer model name but I forget). Just reviewed in Stereophile, has 4 triode amps in one chassis (for 50wpc) which can be switched (on the fly) to ultralinear at 100 wpc. Scull really liked it and retail is US$4,000. Audio Electronic Supply (a Cary subsidiary) makes the SE-1, which is a 300B SET amp putting out 7 to 8 wpc, and can also use 2A3 tubes at around 3.5 watts. Sam Tellig likes it, and retail is around $1,000 for a kit (with tubes) or about $1,200 assembled. Regarding speakers, I second the Coincident (ok, I'm partial since I bought a pair of Super Eclipse). Israel Blume will usually answer the telephone, and is highly regarded. Nice guy, and according to an e-mail from a TAS reviewer, is one of the best speaker designers in the business. Just my opinion, but give him a call and let him explain.

Let us know what you end up with, and what you compared in the process. That's part of the fun!
Speakers: Alon Lotus SE. Available with standard (8?) ohm or higher (16?) ohm woofer. With the high impedence, they are designed for low output tube amps. Have not heard them yet, but if even close to other Alon's, they should be contenders. I've heard the Circes and they stupefy! Even heard the Grand whatchamahoodles at CES--somthing like $120k--and although they can't run on 5 watts, their sound was similar to the Circes. Kinda electrostatic-like with heft. If the Lotus is similar, no sub will be necessary. I'd stay away from the 3 watters. I don't think the 2A3 will produce much low end umph. 845 or even 300B's will give more drive to the blues. Around $4k for the Lotus. Heck, if you got the coin, the Circe may run on 845 tubes. But at $12k for speakers, you could get a whole system instead!

I've owned 572s and have borrowed (for 4-5 day at home listening sessions) two different 300b amps. I've also done extended, hours at a time, listening sessions with 811s at a high end store. And I've owned Cary 2A3s for the last 15 months. With the right speakers, the 2A3 is the best SE experince I've had. Don't worry about losing anything in the bass regions. With the right speakers 2A3s have tremendous bass extension and definition. I think they're the ultimate tube experience as regards simple music enjoyment. However, you do have to have the right speakers. I auditioned Coincidents at my house and found them uninvolving. It's all a matter of taste anyway, and I think you're right on target with your current thoughts on horns. I hear some of the Silverline speakers are SET friendly as are, of course, some of the Soliloquy models. Try to find your amp first then locate speakers that work well. I've heard the Alons spoken of above and they sound very good. I sometimes bi-amp with a Transcendent Sound OTL on the woofers of my Proac 2.5s and the combo works great. The 2A3s will not drive the Proacs properly alone unless you don't mind "plasticy" sounded cymbals on your jazz records and very resticted dynamics.
Hi Massvm. I have not moved on the SET project as of yet. Still have not finalized my housing situation. When that is cleared up, I can move on a second system. As you stated before, my goal for a smaller second system is one that involves a 2A3 based amp. However, my girlfriend is more partial to the Jolida based integrateds. After me getting my Jadis, and her being around the Jolidas and Rogues so much, she has really taking a liking to the sound of the Jolida 302B(at least she has good taste). A very sweet sounding amp. It will hard to convince her that a 2A3 is better than that sunny sound. The Cambridge D500SE will probably be in that system, maybe a tuner, all silver cabling, and an easy to drive pair of speakers. Not sure what for the speakers. I like Coincident, Soliloquy, and Triangle. We'll see... Take care
Thanks all for the participation and recommendations. Time to start looking and listening. I'll be sure to let you know which way I decided, and hopefully provide y'all with some feedback.
Guys, when a gentleman asks for info on a 3K/3K swing and specifies SE triodes, please don't lead him on to $500-1000 push pulls, or worse. Sun Audio makes a killer SE amp (w/ vol pots, if you want to run direct from digital, and for extra gain if not). Not the biggest name -Tellig spilled on them once - but 8W SE using 300B's and Tamura transformers. If need more name for resale considerations, Cary OK (I own Cary 805B's w/ RCA 211's, WE300B's & Brimar inputs & also an AirTight ATM 300) but they sound rounded at the frequency extremes and dynamics are compressed without NOS tubes, good isolation & the right PC's. That applies, of course, to all amps, but more so with the Cary line. Plus, you'll want the model with the Signature transformers and they have been stuck at a @$3400 for quite awhile. Not enough experience on the Coincidents, but alot of people like them. Alon's are nice, although not sure Circe will come in at $3K used ($6K ? retail and not many for sale). Sun Audio & Circe is killer I bet. Here's the bad news: you have to lose the SF - sorry. SE Triodes excell at spatial perspective and harmonic complexity & the SF - and every SF-is revealed in a proper SE system as being discernibly limited in these regards. Check out the Supratek Triode Syrah (ad in this month's Ultimate Audio Mag). Best I've heard. $3400 out the door w/ killer phono; less without. Stunning. Good Luck.
Asa, I was wondering if I was going to have a problem with the Line 3. Thanks for the heads up. Mayhaps some more thinking on how to best implement the SET rig is in order? Perhaps a redistribution of $$ to try and squeeze in a different pre? Still thinking.