Jungson 88D vs Dk Design MKII

Anyone had a chance to compare these two pre's?
Actually yes. I just sold my DK and replaced it with the Jungson JA 88D and yes, they are integrateds, not pre-amps.
Interesting comparison. Confirms my opinion that "better than" does not apply to many of the audio products available. More valid and apt comparisons can better be described as "different", not necessarily "better". And what one prefers to listen to is much more important than buying into what experts refer to as "better". These 2 amps are different and which you would prefer depends on what you like to hear. The DK is more powerful, with more authoritative bass and (probably because of the tube pre-amp section) has a deeper soundstage. It sets up a much larger front to back soundstage than the Jungson. Instruments are better spaced left to right and front to back than with the Jungson. It is softer in the high end, less extended there than the Jungson, perhaps a bit less detail in the extreme high end. Both mid-ranges are good, with the edge in detail and clarity going to the Jungson. That said, the bass of the Jungson is excellent, softer than the DK, but musical and deep -- again it is a preference thing. The soundstaging of the Jungson is good left to right, but not as deep (no tubes?)At times it sounds like the instruments are coming from the speakers and not the soundstage, which is a teeny bit disturbing -- the DK sets up as if there are no speakers in the room. Both are worthy units. Aesthetically the Jungson is clearly superior but then the volume control is SLOW where the DK's volume controlled remotely or manually is a lot easier. The DK runs cool the Jungson runs hot, even in standby. Both are heavy and both are big. I would call the Jungson a "lush" sounding amp with good detail and good bass. I would call the DK a powerful sounding amp with excellent soundstaging, perhaps a tiny bit more refined or slightly smoother sounding than the Jungson (again, because of the tube element?). For the prices, great products.
From what you describe, it looks like a step back in my opinion. I can't imagine preferring the Jungson, unless you omitted some important details from your description.

Nice comparison Mark.

Hold down the "mode" button on the amp or remote. When the volume display begins to flash you can then rapidly change the volume.

It will default back to the slow setting after a short time.

BW Maxx
Ozzy, perhaps you are correct. Again, preference, taste, options, flexibility and perceived value are some of what makes this such an interesting hobby. Again, insisting on what is "better" doesn't really apply because what I like and what you like aren't necessarily the same thing. I also believe most components suffer at least one compromise when compared with other components. There is usually some trade-off or another when choosing one product vs. another. Cost vs. perceived benefit, power vs. refinement, big vs. small, high maintenance vs. low maintenance, good resale value vs. poor resale value, etc. The Jungson can be had for half the price of the DK and is a lot prettier to look at. It has a lush quality, a musical quality the DK does not. The upper end is better detailed too, which is important to me because of a slight upper frequency hearing loss I suffer from. Yes, I gave up some soundstaging and I am a tube lover, so I gave up some holography in terms of imaging. And though the bass of the DK is perhaps firmer and more controlled, the bass of the Jungson has a musical quality the DK does not. I may never get used to "knowing that the speakers are in the room", but I don't listen as much as I used to, so it is not as much of an issue for me. I am more of a casual listener now than before, so the differences are not as important. I can now buy $1000 worth of music and not have that cash locked up in equipment. I think they are both great products and both a lot of fun to listen to! What is really interesting to me is that these Chinese made products are very very good at a tremendous savings, really great sounding stuff at very affordable prices. I hear some of the speakers coming from China are truly excellent at modest prices. Check out the speakers on Sanctuary of Sound's site. Thanks Maxx for the tip on the volume control, nice to know!