Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper & Wax Cap Versus Jensen Cap 0.10uF 630Vdc Copper Foil Ceramic

Your advice and comments would be most helpful and appreciated.
I will need to change my current capacitors in my tube power amp as one of my current Jensen 0.1uF 630V Copper Foil, PIO, Aluminium is now a problem - caused a EL34 tube heater to glow red. I will need four new capacitors.

I am considering two possible replacements:

1. 0.1uF 600Vdc Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper & Wax Capacitor   
2. Jensen Capacitor 0.1uF 630Vdc Copper Foil Ceramic Case 

Any comments on how these compare in their sound characteristics?
I would like a cap that offers balance across all frequencies, control, richness, enticing tone, and transparency. Also ease of flow of the music.    
Thanks so much, Bob 

@bigkidz - No thank you.

In order to do any sort of comparison I need about 14uf/speaker, so that would be really expensive. :)

I'm holding off until I make a fortune.
Has anyone tried Jupiter Copper Foils bypassed with a V-cap CuTF? Just curious if a .01uF V-cap would benefit a Jupiter CF with its resolving and leading edge detail or will it detract from the Jupiter's already beautiful organics?
It really doesn't seem to work like that. Each cap seems to have a different 'speed' based on its value and type of construction. As a result, a smaller cap is usually 'faster' (less dielectric absorption, lower series resistance) than a larger one so what happens is you smear the signal when two caps are placed in parallel (this applies to coupling caps, not power supply bypass). You are far better off just giving it your best shot.

It is for this reason that we designed our gear to only use smaller value caps.
Coming to this kind of late, but check out:    http://humblehomemadehifi.com/Cap.html

Did not read all the responses, but I agree with many of the comments regarding Jupiter's copper foil paper and wax caps. Use them to replace all interstage coupling caps in my Marantz 8B, and they worked wonders. Did other things with the amp too for vast improvement in sound.

I also agree that Jupiters might be a bit dubious in a hot environment.  I noticed some blistering on the surface of the caps placed between the 6CG7 (6FQ7) phase inverter tubes and the El34 outputs.  Was running the amp with 6L6GC with higher bias, and it was running hotter than it probably would have with EL34s, so perhaps the blistering would not have happened in a cooler EL34 environment; the amp was designed to run with El34s anyway.

One other thing, if you do go to check out the website noted above, check out the Miflex caps.  These are excellent.  If you have the space, they are large, very, for a given value, but they are excellent and mega constructed like a brick "s" house.  They are also a comparative bargain price wise.  If you check out Jupiters, wow, the price:  I buy them from hificollective in the UK, but anywhere you look, wow, the price!  Hifi collective sells the Miflex too at a much more reasonable price, but I was able to by them at a website either in Poland or the Czech Republic, four 0.33uF 600v for around 50 to 60 bucks including shipping.  Other than Duelund....?, Jupiter and Miflex are the top rated ones.  The Jupiter and Miflex come in 600v units for circuitry applications.  The Duelunds are essentially for speaker crossovers with much lower voltage ratings.

Do yourself a favor if you're interested in the subject of capacitors, check out the website I mentioned.  It is one of the best a most comprehensive comparisons of capacitors I have seen on the web.  I hope he updates it soon; though it is fairly recent, you know things are always changing....ugg.