Jupiter vs. Vcap Odam?

Has anyone compared Vcap Odam vs. Aluminum or Copper foil Jensens? If so, what was the application (speaker x'over, tube coupling, etc.) and what were your thoughts and preferences? I'm considering both scenarios right now


You mention Jupiter in header, than Jensen in post. I've used variety of Jupiters over years, love both aluminum and copper. Haven't used Jensens since owning some Cary monoblocks many years ago. And to throw another J cap in, the Jantzens are nice at lower price point.


I too am interested in hearing comparisons to Odam as I've yet to try. Odams are interesting as realatively lower price point vs some, and more importantly, smaller size allows use where others can't fit. Reviews I've seen up to this point very positive.

I have used both as coupling cap in SET 45. The Jupiter is more musical and bigger sounding by a large margin. I slightly prefer the aluminum to even the Jupiter copper. 

We have compared V-Cap Oil to the Jupiter Copper in many components. We preferred the V-Caps to the coppers.  We now are using the ODAM as we feel they improve upon the sound of the V-Cap oil caps.  Plus they are smaller in size so we can perform upgrades with little issues.