Just a public call out

I want to thank two awesome sellers on this board who helped me buy a MA252 and a pair of SF Sonetto 8. The moderators with audiogon have been incredible as well. Posting it here as just a shout out.


160 W at 4 oh so im hoping its enough. Its definitely going to be better than the bose portable bluetooth speaker thats there now. :-)

i have never been asked to write a review before. Thats cool thanks. I will jot down some notes tonight when I listen to my current system and compare tomorrow night when this is set up with the same songs. Current set up is also a Mc integrated amp but solid state preamp. Getting my tube on tomorrow!!

From Alex here on Agon. Super responsive and perfect shipping. And believe me… if you need speakers talk to Will from Little Rock AR also on this site. My speakers were shipped on a pallet to protects them and he shipped the metal stands separately just to be sure nothing was scratched. Everything in original boxes with owners manuals etc. Both awesome sellers.