Just an old fans memory lane. Chicago bands from the sixties...

We had a couple of places in Eastern Iowa that often had bands from Chicago.  If any remember, The New Colony Six, Buckinghams, Cryin Shames, American Breed...and there were others I am likely forgetting.  Even though I was from Iowa City, Chicago had very big influence on my early music history....including and especially WLS......."the big 89".

How about Chicago Transit Authority I loved the CTA album very well recorded, it still finds its way onto the tt all these years later.
CTA became simply Chicago after the Chicago Transit Authority made threats to the band about the name....and all the band would have done is make the CTA more known....hard to believe a government run entity would be stupid. 

Muddy Waters (saw him at the First National Bank Plaza and at Chicago Fest on Navy Pier).

@whatjd - "hard to believe"? The "government" is mostly a bunch of second-stringers who are doing jobs that smart people don't want.