Just an outlet for music lyrics that have meaning to you at the moment...

"God speed to you
keep the lighthouse in sight"
" I know all about you..
you’re childhood days...
you’re Mom & Dad..
you’re pretty fayeeAAA, eeAAyee.ceccceee..........."

In light of Tom Petty’s death,

"No matter how I struggle and strive, I’ll never get out of this world alive". From the pen of hillbilly genius Hank Williams.

Hipsters unite
Come align for the big fight to rock for you
But beware
All those angels with their wings glued on
'Cause deep down
We are frightened and we're scared
If you don't stare
"I've been gifted with the thing that you want....

whoo's better than who????????????"
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"I sure like that candy
I don't go for turnip greens,
so..when you put it on the table...........
momma.......... don't you think about me..."

"a fist full of glory
a suitcase of sin,
the language you dream in
when you count to ten..

you go to the edge and
you always give in..."

"you, and your big ideas..
and now that the skies don't show.........
how....does.. your garden...grow?"

"Life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?"                   From Procul Harum's "In Held Twas In I" 
"sometimes my burden
is more than I can bear,
It's not dark yet,
but it's gettin' there"
"Yellow matter custard
Dripping from a dead dog's eye
Crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess
Boy, you've been a naughty girl
You let your knickers down"