Just bought a Cary 303/200 ... very neutral ...

I just bought a Cary CDP 303/200 and it just sounds ...well if I have to use one word for it then I would say it is very neutral. Compare to my previous Nad541i, it appears to be a lot more, and I mean a lot more, energetic. I am not sure if it is because of its additional coloration or if that's how music actually sounds like. But one thing I can say is that it is very detail but good detail. I guess becasue of its neutral character, it allows everything to come through with equal measure, without amplifying any part of the sound frequency spectrum.

At first it seems a bit up front compare to the Nad541i, whose sound can be a bit under-nourish in comparision. But its sound is growing on me by the minutes.

I am listening to "Money" from Pink Floyd and the opening cash register sound almost seems real...
Anyway, I think my opinion of this player is more or less the same as those I read from on-line reviews.

Having spent 1700 for this player, I promise myself not to buy anything hi-fi this year. Got to start saving money in case getting layoff and considering how the economy been going, you know what I mean.
I have the original 303 and have been very pleased. I agree, neutral is one of the words I would use to describe it, or balanced.
I have 303/100 also, very happy with it. I found that some weight on top helps balance the sound a bit. I put three half-bricks into black socks, looks good and mellows out the sound a bit. (resonance control?)
I'm trying out the 303/200 with my active Linn Kaber system this week. "WOW" is the best I can come up with. This combo seems to compliment each other well. The tri-amped Linn gear is very articulate and revealing while the Cary seems to be energetic and nertual. The mids are on point. (Try Keb'Mo's "More Than One Way Home") My sound stage has improved noticably (not a linn strong suit)as well. I'm running with upsampling and bypassing my Karin preamp.(Karin doesn't appear to degrade sound --- just checking.) Offers "SACD-type" clarity. This one looks like a keeper.