Just bought Technics SL1000 MK3 need to buy/borrow platter removal tools

Just purchased a Technics SL1000 MK3 turntable and need to purchase or borrow the platter center disc removal tool and the (2) platter removal handles so that the seller can properly/safely remove the platter for shipping.

Does the bearing need support like the SP10 MK2 does for shipping?
I have had SL1000 MK2's for years, but this is my first SP10 MK3.

Any packing suggestions would be appreciated.
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Thanks for your detailed reply.
I'm hoping for something already made, as this is needed so that I can get the seller to ship the turntable to me. 
I would be able to make the the handles, and I have been to Colbys home and have met with him a few times so I will contact him for the disc removal tool to see if he can still make one.
For now though, I'm trying to get something just so I can get the turntable shipped.
Hopefully Colby can help with the issue I have with the B-60 clone base (play with sleeve when going up/down).
Again, thank you for the detailed plans!


Push come to shove, just buy a pair of (M3?) metric screws.  You can lift the platter by just gripping them.  It's no big deal. You'll be using two hands to lift about 21 lbs.  Not difficult.

When you talk to Colby, mention my name to jog his memory. He made the part for me maybe 4-5 years ago, but we have had other business since then. If you have a photo, which I think can be found on Soundfountain, that will help him too.
The lift handles are M6. Universal pin spanners work well for the nut, though the holes are 3.5mm while most cheap universal spanners use 4mm pins. You can use those but will need to file the pins down. There are a few out there that are 3mm: http://a.co/d/7Nf7DzJ

Read there reviews as I’ve seen some where 3mm pins are claimed but the reviews say otherwise.

Although I cannot recall the precise metric size, I’m sure the holes in my platter conform to some standard metric.