Just compared Monster M2.2 and ZU Mission speaker cables

My goal with purchasing the Monsters was to have some "cool looking" cables for a second vintage system I am planning. Possibly trying to replicate my first or second real stereo system. So I was not thinking of critical sound quality for a cable with this purchase. I got a great deal on a near perfect pair of authentic M2.2's with original case and extra spade connectors. 

My test was in no way scientific. I hooked in one of the M2.2 on one speaker and compared to my ZU Mission cable on the other (ZU OMEN DEF-Luxman 595ase). Using various mono recordings. I WAS SHOCKED how much better (to me) the Monster's sounded. Same results when switching the cables to the opposite speakers, the sound followed the cable.

My initial thoughts:

1. The ZU Mission sounds as if everything is coming out of a single driver speaker  The Monsters sound as if all three drivers of my speakers are actually producing sound. 

2. The Zu's have a bit muddy mid range, low end bloatness compared to the Monsters. The Monsters has a more defined, but rounded-smooth highs. The Monster mids are a bit laid back compared to the ZU Cables.

3. The Monsters have deeper, more defined-tighter bass-low end. My Sub-Woofer was off for this comparison.

The Missions sound great by themselves. If not comparing, one would be quite happy (like i have been for the past three years or so). New Missions are aprox (today) $350 depending on length. The 8 ft Monsters (in today's dollars) would be approx $850 (give or take- I think the M2.2's retailed anywhere from $450-$$650 depending on length back in the late 90's-please correct me if I am wrong), 

The M2.2's are HEAVY and HUGE. You have to really tighten the amplifiers speaker terminals since The Monster-Transformer weighs down the cable ends. Not as bad with my speakers since my Omen Def terminals are low and the Transformer thing can lay  on the floor.

I'm going to install the M2.2s as my main system speaker cables for now. I was not expecting such a major difference for the better. 

As I wrote a similar post on a couple of other audio boards to start a discussion, Monster cables are a "joke' to most audiophiles. However, I have to say some of their earlier, high end cables (like the M series) are quite good if you can snag them at a decent price. The Z3 series are the same cable without the thick sleeves and transformers. I believe the Z series was geared toward box retailers where the M and the Sigma series were geared toward specialty audio/HT stores (I could be wrong, that is what I have read).

I am quite happy with this purchase. Anyone else using the M2.2's or 2.4's?...thoughts?. The Sigma series look nice, however, even used they are quite expensive.



Dare I say it? Your description of the M2's sounds like cables that have not been run-in. Put some hours on them, then evaluate.



so I could compare by using the balance knob. Zu mission left speaker, Monster right speaker- mono music

@lowrider57 yes. I will. The cables are used. So I figure they already have been broken in unless they need RE broken in after some periods of non use. 


Yes, the M and Sigma series were geared toward Speciality Audio shops. These cables/cords are quite good. Season's Greetings!


Happy Listening!