Just curious if anyone knows..

...why VPI discontinued the Traveler table. I have one and it's been perfect...never a problem and sounds excellent. It seemed that it was pretty popular and well reviewed. Just seems odd.
that's what manufacturers do. if you are happy with it then why worrying if its discontinued ? :)
it was pretty popular and you will still be able to sell it after sometime as some turntable tend to be more wanted after discontinued...
I have no problem with it...just seemed odd. I think Clearaudio has been making the same competing table forever now.
Not odd at all. Some manufacturers like VPI change models frequently, and some like Clearaudio do not. Nothing about making a record go round has changed much in the last few years
Actually VPI tends to make incremental improvements. Almost any turntable they ever made can be upgraded as they make advancements. 
That is why their older turntables sell for so much on Audiogon. And they all sound good. 

You have a great turntable.Enjoy it.