Just getting into Streaming, need help and advice

New member and still coming to grips with Music streaming.
Just recently I have had issues with Prime music pausing in the middle of tracks. I use a Fire tablet 8 which goes to a Klipsch Gate, and then to Audioengine 5+ powered speakers.
I thought maybe it was an issue with the speakers, but yesterday I tried just the fire tablet by itself and found some tracks still paused sometime, without even going to the speakers.
Now I'm just confused as to what the issue is. I was going to upgrade to a Bluesound Node 2i, but I might have the same issue with pausing audio tracks, so I'm a bit unsure what to do at this point.
Internet is thru Comcast and speed is 239.14 upload and 6 for upload with a ping of 12.
I'm thinking the Fire Tablet could be the issue,If it is , what would be best to use to solve the pausing issues?
Could also be the recent change on Amazon music to HD which would cause bigger files to transfer, but as I said I'm still trying to understand how all this works together




Are you sure the problem isn’t with Prime itself?  I don’t use the HD service but in years past when I purchased many CDs from Amazon they offered a simultaneous mp3 version so I amassed quite a collection.  When I try to play these from my phone they always do the same thing

I have used Bluesound products for a few years now and like the set-up. I have a Vault with all my old CDs on it but mostly stream from Tidal and Qobuz on the app through a Node (the new one) via USB now to an MQA-capable Topping DAC and then on to my preamp/amp. My Node is connected via ethernet to a nearby wifi hub (I use the new Eero pro series with 1GB service from Xfinity) to avoid any wifi issues. I also have a Bluesound Pulse that I can move around to point of need and it sounds great. I have found that I listen to way more music (and a much broader variety) with this set-up vs CD or vinyl due to it's convenience and the vast streaming library. Vinyl done well will def get you better sound. A good streaming set-up in my testing will absolutely match or beat CD set-ups of similar price point, although some would disagree. Jury still out for me on MQA but I am enjoying playing around with it on Tidal and comparing to HiRes on Qobuz. Rest of my system is SPL-800 amp, LTA MZ3 preamp, Harbeth SL5+ speakers.

The node is a great way to start and as noted, it supports Amazon HD. One of the Node’s strengths is that it supports a wide range of providers- and never sounds worse than very good. BluOS is definitely easy to navigate but I like Audirvana’s implementation of Qobuz UI better than BluOS’s.