Just getting started on a budget and need bookshelf speakers/receiver now

I am poor and need some bookshelf speakers and a receiver, all for around $600-$700.  I know this is a surely a travesty for most of you because you are professionals, but... I have to start somewhere and won't come into much more money anytime soon.  I currently have Infinity Reference 2000-3 speakers and a Yamaha RX-395 receiver.  I listen to CLASSICAL music and OPERA.  I'd like to have the speakers and a receiver that can handle bluetooth, my cd player, the tv and computer.  I've looked at Kanto YU6, Cambridge Audio SX-60, ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 and MartinLogan Motion LX16.  But I don't know if these speakers are better than what I've got (I have to think they are since mine are ancient).  I know you will probably say "just save your money," but that won't work.  Can you please help me?
Unfortunately, I haven't found a place where I can go and listen.  They are either home theater companies or Best Buy.  Nothing in between.  But I'll keep looking.  It sounds like the ones I listed are really a no-go so that is good to know.  And I appreciate the suggestions.
Get the Elac UB-5's! Superb 3-way speaker designed by famed Brit Steve Jones (TAD). There is a pair now available on EBay for $408.91 (free shipping) from seller "savarety-official-store". That is about $100 less than the other sellers!
Add the NAD 3020 V2 and you will have a killer combination! There is a brand-new one in an unopened box available now on EBay for $400 (free shipping) from seller "singledadsunited".This has a phono stage and DAC! And is Bluetooth ready!