Just got AQ Niagara 1200 ...

and WOW ... what an incredible difference this has made in sound quality! ... I am becoming a convert of power conditioning :)

Now I wonder if the following "upgrades" would make any further improvements:

- Power cord. Currently AQ NRG-Z3 to say AQ Thunder
- Power regenerator like PS Audio Powerplant as a Niagara replacement?

Appreciate advise.
Thanks, @ozzy 
That's what I needed to hear. After wearing out my google search engine, every review I've read about the Niagara 1200 (and 1000) have nothing but positive things to say about it. 

Sometimes I feel like they're writing what I want to hear about it as it would apply to my system and tastes. 🤔

All the best,
Has anyone compared the AQ Niagara 1200 to the Shunyata PS8/Defender?  Similra price points.    
I love my Torus Power RM20 Plus! Tons of power and headroom and extremely black background.
Now I have not tried the Torus but I must say that most modern conditioners that I have owned/tried did make the music cleaner and provided that black background that we all enjoy.

But the Niagara goes a step further, the dynamics of the system seem to be like its on steroids. There really is something to the way the seemingly limitless power is available instantaneously when needed. Its not just when there are loud peaks, but during all music passages. I call it the "Boogie Factor".