Just got my Audio Desk Systeme LP cleaner...

In 2 days since receiving it I have cleaned over 30 LP's. It works extremely well and is truly a "set it and forget it" machine from start to finish. Playback results are as good or better than what I have gotten from my Loricraft PRC-3. The Loricraft is a great machine, the Audio Desk is much more efficient and convenient to use and allows me more time to listen to music while cleaning many more records. I am very impressed by it and shall be selling the Loricraft.
08-01-12: Unoear
Okay, I think that some clarity is called for...:).

First, Syntax always gives first-rate advice. Brutally honest and very straight forward, no agenda, and most important, he does not have any business relationships with this Other that Rockie is discussing. With Syntax, it is all about the differences and he leaves you to make your OWN decisions about the sound you want and how you spend your money.

Rockie, Syntax is much more knowledgeable and without the agency costs that you have endured with the fellow that you bought your TT and
cartridge from...the cartridge has been up for sale since I have known A., and the TT...well, that is another story in itself.

Not sure what your implying..regarding the table, the Master Innovation speaks for itself. It is one of the best turntables available...and the Koetsu Coralstone ? It needs no furthur introduction.

and syntax, sorry about the mischaracterization too. It seemed odd to me, you disappered from WBF right around the exact time said individual was being discussed for underhanded/dishonest business dealings.
Hi Rockie,

Happy to have cleared this up for you regarding Syntax; he really is a stand-up, trustworthy, and impeccable fellow, super!

BTW, the new fellow that has my Omnigon is really happy to have this machine. It is really a very good design. On the other hansd, still waiting for D + A to send the monies for the other items.

Sorry about the TT comment; it was my mistake. I thought you were the recipient of that other TT that A. sold. Yes, you have a wonderful machine!

BTW, I do love your speakers...;-).

Record cleaning belongs in the same pigeon hole as religion and politics. Everyone is free to practice their beliefs. Just keep them to yourself unless you're prepared for endless circular debate. I do find the Audio Desk intriguing and should have one to try in a day or two. Several serious audiophiles I know have ditched VPIs, Loricrafts and Odysseys after using it for a while. Maybe I'll keep my opinion to myself. Glad you're liking it Hiendmuse.
Very exciting to see that a technology that most would dismiss as ancient (i,e. analog), in this Ipad/Ipod/Iphone world, is still potentially advancing with innovations like this. But it takes some time to establish that a new technology is really better.

Perhaps the user community should come together in some structured evaluation of such new technologies. We need some honest objective evaluation of the new or the tried and true will be killed to the detriment of all.
Getting back on topic, I have cleaned 40 records in the past 2 days. I have never seen cleaner static free records ever. I rebuilt my entire lp collection from scratch starting back in early 2010, so all of my records were purchased sealed or near mint. This machine does the job. I can't say how it will do on dirty less than nm records...but for me, I won't buy anything less than NM. I am extremely happy with this machine despite the skeptics. Ultrasonic cleaning does work. Removes mold release compound completely.