Just got some AudioEngine A5+ speaker and they blow my mind

Ive been listening to headphones, DT 880's and IEM's shure 846's with either the Fiio 17 or the Cambridge Music DacMagic + ( dacmagic wins ). I just got the audioengine bookshelf speakers and running them through the fiio has blown my mind compared to the headphones. Closing your eyes you can point to where every instrument is being player on the stage in front. My mind was and is still being blown. I am now a speaker person.


Wow, again? And mind blown under a different name this time. Whodathunkit……….

Another first-time poster pushing AudioEngine.  Anyone would think there was a conspiracy afoot.

Yeah @ozzy62 but it gives those of us who have purchased and enjoyed those simple, high value speakers a chance to validate our decision to buy them.

I agree with @seichi . The imaging and soundstage is awesome on those speakers - at least for me in the near field.

So maybe somebody can learn from the experience of others, contrived as it may be. 

No affiliation here with Audioengine other than a purchase of A5+ a few years back. 

the A5+ and A2 are awesome for the price, own both...no idea about the issues mentioned...no affiliation, I've owned both for years, use with computer and Luxman ipod dock 

I used to be a dealer for Audioengine.

Certainly cool, useful stuff but WAY low fi.

You get what you pay for.