Just got the PS Audio Perfectwav DAC -- Amazing

For the last year my system has consisted of the Slim Devices Transporter (Transport + DAC) -> Bel Canto Ref1000 -> Anthony Gallo Ref 3.1

I listen to all my music digitally (lossless/flac). I was very happy with my original system but when the Perfectwave DAC came out I was intrigued. For quite a while I debated between the PW and keeping the transporter or modding it via Modwright.

I ended up getting the PW and though I can't compare it to a modded transporter, it blows the stock transporter out of the water. I should note that since the network bridge isnt out for the PW, I am currently streaming music via the transporter -> coaxial out (spdif) -> PW.

I have only listened for ~5 hours so far, but things I have noticed right away is much cleaner/tighter bass. The low end is so much more accurate than it was before. When comparing, the transporter sounded very muddy (even though at the time I though it was quite good). The mids and highs are tighter as well. The separation has improved quite a bit as well. I have immediately noticed that the loudness of different instruments is wider spread than listening to the same songs on the transporter.

Hope this helps! If anyone has any questions about the PW or the transporter I will try my best to answer them.
i own the pwt and pwd. i assume it is broken in. i left it on for two weeks and fed a signal, changing the cd every so often. i used the coax and hdmi input to the dac.

i disagree with all of the opoinions so far about these products. it extends the treble, improves clarity, extends the bass, but it sounds analytical, and digital.

my 1990 audio note cd player sounds better as a transport and my audionote sounds better than both the dac and the transport. its not a bad products, so long as you want to be reminded that you atre listening to a pooor quality cd. of course, better quality cds sound better.

i was using a$450 ess sabre tech dac which i prefer to the ps audio.

perhaps it is nit yet broken in . does it require more than 3334 hours for break-in ?
That should be good, you can sale it and get a return on your' money while being completely content with less expensive gear. Wish it worked out like that for me.
Thanks for the links, Levy03. I am going to check them out.

If I come to the conclusion that I have to eat a little crow, I'll be sure to do so. It is highly nutritious, according to Dr. Friedrich Nietzche. :)
I'm surprised your having isssues with the sound of the PWT/PWD combo. I've been pleased before it broke in and since breaking in found it to surpass my older, but very respectable, Levinson Reference 30.6 DAC and 31.5 transport. Right away, the PWT/PWD just seemed to get the music right. I've since upgraded the HDMI cable to PS Audio's top of the line silver HDMI on several people's recommendations. It put the combo even further over the top.
As for volume, I'm currently setting the DAC at 75 to 80 on the volume display and then sending the signal into the ARC Ref 3 preamp. I broke my HDMI cable by playing just the transport into the DAC over Xmas break, for about 2 weeks the Purist Audio break in disc along with others. It sounded better each time I listened, and I assumed the new HDMI cable was broke in then. However, since being home, and having it play in the system, instead of just between the DAC and tranport, I've been amazed at how much it seems to improve each night. I really can't explain why this has happened. But this is what I'm experiencing.

I hope your PWT/PWD starts reaching its potential. But as we all have found out before, a component that sounds great in one system, may not make the grade in another system for many reasons.
Good listening,