Just heard White Stripes Elephant on Reel to Reel!

The 2002 recording involved "no computers" per Jack White.  Analogue Productions issued the album on Ultra Tape in the summer of 2023.  I just picked up a copy, plopped it into my Revox PR99MK3, and.....

Have mercy!  This is a religious experience.  I'll spare everyone all of the audiophile  adjectives/adverbs, etc.  If you have an opportunity to own or even listen to this this recording it is a special exhibit as to what truly all analog can sound like.  Highly recommended. 


I cannot say I've heard this recording but I have heard at several audio shows over the years master tapes played in the MBL rooms and they were very very impressive in most cases.

It made me wonder about the what has been 'done' to the majority of the tracks that have sold to the public on other medium.

Sadly, I just cannot justify starting a new music library in this format.

@ddzstereo You make good points.  It does make you think about what type of treatment and processing the masters have gone through.  

I don't golf and my other hobby (playing music) costs nothing. So, I'm not opposed to developing a collection of tape.