Just how many options does 1 need in a 2 way bookshelf design?

Do we really need this many options in a 5-6" woofer 1" dome or if lucky AMT or Ribbon bookshelf speakers? To me, these are the lite beers of audio design.


And in defense of cheese there is English Hollow, Top Hat bandaged, Chalet wheel Swiss, Wakker aged gouda, Kaltbach gruyere, etc. Only from one state.

To bad that Erik will never taste them before making rash proclamations.


I was being funny, I love cheese in all it’s form, except Velveta and pimento. Particular soft spot (pun!) for Stiltons.

Erik , thought you blocked me now you are back. And have you looked at my feedback? ready to retract that bull about me being your ex Kenjit?

fuzztone thinks physics is nonsense and thus is the perfect audiophile and I salute you.