Just installed a bluesound node 2i , quality not so good

Sounds flat vs streaming from marantz 5014 heos, which is more revealing and open.  Both ways are wired.
Is there a break in period?  Otherwise it is disappointing.

I am listening thru b&w spkrs and mcintosh amp. And wired to analogue inputs of avr

thanks for any comments, suggestions

Don't use AVR input.  Use the RCA input to your amp.  I have the bluesound node 2i and it is very good as a streamer and decent as a DAC.  I use it with coax output to Denafrips Ares ii.  I have a marantz streamer with heos and the bluesound is much much better.
Thanks for the info bluedream.  I was curious as to burn in on the 2i. I’m running the 2i through an April Music Stello signature,and the 2 through a Beresford Bushmaster. Not hi end by any means. However I do prefer running the nodes through these DAC’s.  At some point,I’ll try the 2i through analog just for poops and grins. I ran my original Node analog for years and was actually pretty happy with the sound. I ran the 2 that way for a while and was just as happy.  And just recently I wanted to experience a DAC,and I’m happy I did. 
in reading responses that you need to run this through an external dac what is the purpose. I run MacBook Pro usb to external dac into preamp. Already had the Mac so I was able to put all of the money into the dac. Why do people continue to over think streaming.