Just moved to an apartment need speaker suggestions

my better half and I just moved into an apartment need speaker suggestions, current speakers are Magnepan 1.6qr with Rythmik f15hp subs x2, need something as engaging as the Maggies but able to play softly, will be driven by a Classe CAP 2100 integrated.  thanks in advance.
If you have the room to allow the Maggies to be placed correctly (well away from the wall behind the speaker), it would be a very good apartment speaker.  As a dipole speaker, the bass energy from the back and from the front are out of phase with respect to each other and cancel at the sides.  A LOT less energy spills into the room and much more seems concentrated in the listening area where the speakers are aimed at.  This is not just theoretical.  When I went from dipole panel speakers to dynamic speakers, I was shocked at how much louder the sound was in other rooms.  You will be able to play the Maggies louder than most conventional speakers without disturbing neighbors.

If you have to go with smaller speakers and/or placement closer to the wall or corners, look at Audio Note speakers.  These do well in such placement and sound reasonably lively at lower volume levels.  ProAc and Harbeth are also good candidates.

I agree with JL and Larryi.  Stick with the maggies if you can place them and you can use the sub quieter at certain times and louder others.  Its a great way to control the bass in an apartment.  Im not sure of your subs dimensions but look into some aurelex subdudes to put your subs on as that is supposed to help with lessening bass transmissions through the walls.

Buying your neighbors gifts (chocolate, booze, whatever they are into) helps also.
We at Sunny Components Inc, USA have a pair of Amphion Argon 3 small 2 way floor standers for $2000.00 a pair. Very nice for apartments.
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Do yourself a favor and check out the GoldenEar line of speakers. You can get a new pair of T5s in that price range or for a bit more the new T3+. You may also be able to pick up a used pair for less on this site or the GET site.