Just ordered the Jungson 88D Luxury Edition.

Based on some of your commends and a sparse BFS review, I'm taking the plunge. I really hope it will sound good in my system. The guy I bought it from says it's ultra smooth, lush, and just seductive. He also carries the DK VS1 integrated and prefers the Jungson sound over the DK. The Jungson LE is supposed to have better build quality and sells for $1300 less! Any comments on the Jungson is welcome.
Koczka123 I think your problem is not going to be solved by cables.
If you read every single review of the Jungson 88d people say the same thing - It sounds like a tube amp, and has great mids -

If someone describes an amp as sounding like a tube amp, I immediately think of it as being slow and lacking in dynamics. It just depends on personel preference and it sounds like you prefer a solid state type amp.

Incidently all the comments I have seen about Korsun say it is fast and dynamic - the opposite of Jungson no doubt
Agisthos, well I think you right, but I hope not.
I couldn't belive many people say it's a good amp, if it sounds like I hear -withoute dynamic, and speed.

With this amp some of my CD's I can't hear. For example I have a Tori Amos unploged song (it's not an official CD as I know). In this song only Tori Amos and a Bösendorfer, when Tori beat the bass section of the piano it's unbelivable. So many energy, dinamycs and so on.

But with Jungson it's nothing, just a boring song....

I hope you don't mean all tube amps are slow and lacking dynamics. Only SS amps that try to emulate tubes. Please tell me this is what you meant.

Well, I'm not hearing what Agisthos is hearing. I agree it is lush and smooth, but not slow by any means. It's more dynamic than any tube amp I have heard under 200 watts (VTLs, AR, Atmosphere, etc). For example, I was floored by the dynamics in the SACD version of Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon. Literally shook the walls on certain passages in my set up. Every tube amp that I have heard is very midrangey compared to SS. The Jungson has a more balanced perspective with rest of the freq range. It's lush and smooth but not bloomy in the midrange like a SET. I liken it to a top non-oversampling DACs (eg, Audio Note, Zanden) with their natural presentation. Many SS amps tend to artificialy heighten the sense of dynamics with artificial detail, and if this is what your looking for then look else where. Or retrain your ear to hear what live music sounds like by going to a nice hall (eg, Boston Symphony Hall) playing unamplified acoustic music. You'll find the Jungson to be a close approximation to the real thing. This I know from 30 hours of listening to the Jungsons.