Just picked up some Carver Amazings anybody famailiar with them?

One pair of Silver and one pair of 1st generation platinums with the dual 30 inch ribbons.
The silvers are 6 ohm and the platinums are 4 ohm

i have  some oddyssey amps, and an old aragon 8002,  but im gonna need at least one more amp for a 3rd system.
wondering if any of you all are using any of the newer class d amps with hard to drive speakers, im open to diy/ or new/ used nice gear.   Looking for suggestions.

The Amazing Platinums do like a lot of power - four 12'' woofers per speaker! No need for subs!
My primary system for 25 years was a pair of Carver Amazing Silvers driven by a pair of Carver TFM-42s.

I just upgraded speakers to the Legacy Whisper, delivered last weekend. The Amazing Silvers got re purposed to my home gym. I am likely going to have to pick up another amp, currently just using a spare HK receiver that I had around but it is sounding pretty week. 
I have Carver Amazings, powered by Musical fidelity KW500. Sound fantastic!
I had my originals Amazings (upgraded to the single Platinum drivers), fitted with an adjustable analog crossover and a 1.5t amp on each side bass and a B&K Sonata (iirc 200W per channel) for the ribbons.

This offered a presentation that I think can be best described as "full scale" - dynamic stuff like "The Firebird" was literally breathtaking.