Just Purchased Infinity RS2B / RSIIb owned RS 2.5

FYI Infinity Fans:
I have lusted after some RS2bs for 20 years after loveing my 2.5s. I thought the 2bs would fill in the middle and keep all of the strengths of the 2.5s. In reading the manual, I was unaware that the 2bs had a bass equilizer (not crossover) that was NOT optional. The bass equilizer has been lost. I hooked up my VTL compact 100s with several preamps & the sound was mud in the bass and boring in the emims/emits. One of the emits is even covered 50 percent, the top one in the front. These 2bs sound like monster cable . . . go figure. Monster cable was used in the speakers. Also, it turns out that ONLY the middle emim is hooked to the midrange control. The middle emim is the only one that sounds like the emims in the 2.5...they are running full out. The top and bottom emim are subdued and they are trying to mimic a good dome midrange....yes the lower vocals are better but who cares?? I have lost the magic of the emims. I have had some Infinity Sigmas in my room and one super emim did a better job than these three emims. Last night I hooked up a couple of transitor amps and the sound was MUCH improved... remember what older monster cable did to good solid state stuff? in the 80s. I guess I'm going to stay with threshold but I own several good tube amps that I love to hear the imaging etc etc. I might be nuts but the improvement I have gained with Kimber Kable 4TC and Audioquest jaguar interconects is lost in the old monster cable wire?? I am probably being to hard on these speakers, but I remember a german saying the 4.5s were the best of that vintage. How are the emims controled in the RS1bs?? are they all hooked to the crossover controls?? To be continued. Thanks for reading. Larry
If you really want to go crazy, check out the new EMIM ribbons offered by Apogee Acoustics. They fit in the standard EMIM shell and are a HUGE upgrade in sound quality over the originals.

Graz at Apogee makes them in batches of 90, about once or twice per year. You have to get on the list and when he has enough pre-orders he makes a batch. The build quality is stellar. Here's a link to his Infinity forum:

New EMIM Ribbons

I sold all my ribbon speakers out of my RS2B and what I had left from the past. If anyone wants the RS2A/B bass contour, I have it packed and will sell it. I also have a JBL 553, which I prefer. No more bi-amp and tri-amp for me, so I am going to sell the JBL and I believe I have the manual? The JBL was made foe use with the JBL horn midrange driver, but it s a descent quality unit and uses only XLR. It is not as good as FM Acoustics, or Accuphase, yet it is a decent electronic crossover.
Seeing as how this post is almost four years old, I don't presume you still have the bass contour unit?