Just some ADS history here

Hello-To this day, I am still using my ADS L810 speakers. I am always wanting to upgrade them. I have gone through a Pioneer RX-434 receiver (If I am right?), A NAD 8030, once again if I am right, (It was 90 a side back then), then a Polk Audio full surround receiver. Now, to stay I am pretty sure, a McIntosh MHT200 A/V System Controller. I have to say this-It Works Just Fine! I remember in the 80's seeing Mc's and ADS together. It is a true match. The ADS with their dome tweeters, like Audio Research (Correct me again if I am wrong.) Thank you for reading, GREG
P.S.-Best Album to listen too for sound? Steve Khan-PUBLIC ACCESS, trust me on that!
Thanks! for the hot tip on Steve Khan - gregforluck
I enjoyed ADS car audio speakers back in the 80's. Never had an opportunity to audition the home speakers.
Happy Listening!
"Wasn’t one of the designers for ADS, Michael Kelly? The guy behind Aerial Acoustics now? I may have the name wrong. I use to own ADS 320i speakers for auto applications that he was the designer of.????" -slaw
I was told that this is the case by my dealer, Duane, just this last Saturday; I hadn’t known it before that. Important distinction: he was one of the main designers with ADS when it was still in its EARLIER form........   Anyway, I also owned a pair of ADS two-way speakers for my van that were of that vintage and they were outstanding.  They had great midbass punch and a detailed but smooth high end.   rx8man owned a pair as well, and he may still have them.  In my mind, this fact goes a long way towards explaining the excellence the Aerial company.
Moved into a nice sized condo and after auditioning a whole bunch of speakers, the two best IMO were the ADS-810-II's and Yamaha 12 inch-3ways.  I ended up spending more than I expected to on the 810's (stands, too).
I was warned against using a muscle amp, although
they did come with replaceable fuses to protect the tweeters (which i admit I blew out a couple of times). But they imaged really well and you could hear a LOT more detail (like more individual instruments in the orchestra).  Plus unlike "better" more audiophile speakers of today, they forgave most every kind of music I played. I used cheap wire, listened to FM radio and a Thorens through an SAE-2 70W amp. Okay gear, well maintained, but average mid-fi at best. BUT
Everything sounded good- rock, jazz, Beethoven, everything. Of course much later on I began to want B&W speakers (20Hz bass!) and spent a lot of money and several years upgrading everything to get them to reach their full potential. But a huge mistake was the day I sold those wonderful (mint) 810's for $300! And now it seems everyone wants them.