Just Turned 50...

who else? Still have your hearing?
54, going on 55. Burst both eardrums twenty years ago (go flying with a cold), but can still hear well enough to tell the difference between CD players. Stay away from using headphones ... not worth the risk. Day started above ground ... so all is good.

12-10-11: Avguy
Didn't I hear it somewhere that one's sense of hearing improves after 50 because relative to the rapid decline in one's virility after that age, hearing declines much less quickly, so hearing becomes one of your better senses to compensate for it... Maybe that's why we older folks enjoy our audio systems a lot more....:-):-):-)
Use it or lose it, that's a fact Jack !!!!
I am 62 and trust my ears ... what I hear ... before I trust my eyes ... what I read

At my last check up my doctor asked me ... Dave at 62 which of your senses do you feel has has diminished the most”

I told him “my sense of decency”