Just upgraded my cart to a Koetsu Rosewood Signature...

I thought that my Dynavector Kaitora Rua sounded good, but with some tweaking of my tonearm mass the Koetsu blows' it out of the water!!

My Dynavector was getting up there in hours (just about 1000) and it was time to try something new and different. My dealer recommended the Rosewood Signature so I had him order me one. Now he stated that the cart would be compatible with my arm an Acoustic Signature TA-2000


After reading more on the high compliance of the Koetsu I had my reservations, but had him install it anyway.

When I first started listening yes it sounded better but the bass was not what I had envisioned, it was kind of flabby.

So doing some research I added 4 gms of weight to the headshell and wow this is what I thought a $5500 cart should sound like.

With the added weight everything improved greatly, bass, detail, soundstage, pace 

Every time I play an album that I have played many times I am hearing things that I have never heard before (-;