JVC RX-202b - USB digital amp section receiver.

You can get good sound for even less now - with this surround receiver. It is USB compatible, and costs less than $170.

There are also upper models RX-402b which costs more - I don't know if they sound better - never campared them side by side.

Anyone know how they sound?

If they sound as good as other JVC digital receivers, now even students can get good sounds from a computer.
I am sorry if you take this in a different tone than I mean it but I thought the JVC was horrible and unreliable. But I can't stand how compressed music sounds on a computer either so I have to assume you have not had a lot of exposure to how good music can be. I would rather find a used HK or Onkyo that has a much better sounding amp in it along with being able to drive with current. (Digital amps have no current and thats what drives a speaker)Please do yourself a favor and find a local mom and pop audio store that has brands you never heard of before and has sales people who are over 30 years old and go in and listen to real music. Your life will never be the same.
Thanks Duane for that - but I have heard the big names in audio, and just trying to find an affordable solution for my music students - they are not going to spend over $1000 on a hifi.

I think it's great that there are sights like www.listen.com where you can hear many music at your finger tip. I am tyring to get a decent sound from computer.

Since the 128 streaming rate isn't hifi to start with, no use spending a lot - I am wondering what I can recommend to my students.

So far, the best I came up with is:

JVC RX-202B Receiver USB
SDAT 639 speaker

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.
Hello again. Stick with what you know. If you need to stay with the JVC try a pair of Paradigm Titans. They are soft at the top end and help the JVC sound more musical. You also can't go wrong with smaller DCM's or PSB's. The DCM's will rock hard while the other two will sound less grainy. Good luck.