JVC tt-101 repair

Got a JVC QL-10 with a 120V TT-101. Speed is wonky. Sometimes plays fine, sometimes spins a 1000 RPM, somtimes runs forward & then backward. Could use some help.
That’s great Lew.  I believe I raised humidity as a possible contributor - glad that seems to be it. 

"Reflow without new flux, etc. same advice applies."  
Dave did not mention it, I didn't think about it. Shows my limited knowledge. Just glad I didn't do more damage.
Nah, won't cause damage.  A lot of techs will reflow and add a bit of solder and it's usually not an issue, or it lasts long enough it doesn't matter.  This is one unit where every factor is against you, so the chance of joint failures is high.  I typically see excess solder leading to improperly formed filets, etc.  As long as you're not damaging the board no issue. 

The issue with Lews unit didn't recur here on its own.  I had to flex the board a good amount to get the joint to open, and that in turn caused other joint failures that needed fixed.  It's a bear to do right. 

And the primary of the power transformer in my TT101 can be switched for 100V, 120V, and 240VAC input.

That clears things up as I thought I had seen the QL-10 designation
on not only the plinths but also the drives. 
Anyone looking for 120V/240V transformers for the TT101 I have a few that a I had made when I restored mine - which still is sitting on the shelf with few issues to be figured out :-)

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