JWN Amps still in business?

HI. Trying to find the link to his site. Defaults to a server site then nothing. Tried different searches with no luck. Any assistance in how to reach him/his site would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, dave
I received my amp from him several weeks ago. He started work on it in January. There were a number of delays so I had him go ahead and ship the amp with the trim work unfinished. Apparently he is going through issues. He told me these last few amps he was finishing up were going to be his last for awhile. I think some folks were really pressuring him, which I always tried to avoid. He was always very kind in his emails and very quick in his replies. However, he asked to borrow money to hold him over a few days. I had a bad feeling about it, and sure enough ever since I sent that payment, he stopped replying to my emails. It wasn't enough money to besmirch the guy's reputation IMO, but nevertheless it happened. Very happy with the amp though it seemed very susceptible to microphonic tubes - not sure if that's a side effect of the design or I had just had some bad tube luck. In any event, it is dead silent now and sounds terrific.

I hope he's okay and gets things in order. I told him he should build up an inventory of amps and sell them on ebay ala Dennis Had. Waiting 6 months for an amp after prepaying for it is just asking for upset customers IMO.
Thank you all for the info, I had assumed something was amiss through comments on other forums. I too wish him well. He had beautiful equipment on his site and I've had a purchase of some type on my wishlist. Again thanks. Dave
Speavler- your post has given me some encouragement. I ordered and paid for an amp from Jim in February but have had no contact from him since May. Maybe all is not lost.--